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8:00-8:45 am
Book I/Hell Book/798 lines
Beginning with Man's disobedience, this book provides the
opening trajectory for the entire poem then cinematically delves
into Hell, showing Satan and his band of rebel angels just after
they have fallen from Heaven. The book ends with the
spectacular and ironic vision of Satan's new palace,

8:45-9:45 am
Book II/Hell Book/1055 lines
Book Two showcases the amazing rhetoric that Milton created
for the Diabolic Council in Hell in which the devils Beelzebub,
Belial, Mammon, Moloch, and Satan decide to ruin humankind to
get back at God; and the tour de force poetry Milton uses to
describe the first part of Satan's journey to the Gates of Hell -
where he meets his daughter Sin and his son/grandson Death -
through Chaos.

9:45-10:30 am
Book III/Heaven Book/742 lines
In Book Three, Milton depicts a scene in Heaven in which God
the Father, God the Son, and the Angelic Chorus respond to
Satan's plan to ruin humankind. The book depicts Satan's
continued journey to God's newest creation. Here, the readers
encounter deceitful Satan, disguised as a minor angel, during his
stop at the Sun to ask the archangel Uriel for directions to Earth
to end his journey.

10:30-11:30 a.m.
Book IV/The Garden of Paradise/1015 lines
Flying into Eden, Satan for the first time views the prospect of Eden.
Lush in language to describe the beauty of the Garden, this book
details the lives of Adam and Eve and their existence in Eden. Here
we learn of Eve's creation and the one prohibition of the Garden: the
Tree of Knowledge. After following the earthly couple through the
day, Satan watches as they go to sleep, then tempts Eve with a
dream. Gabriel discovers Satan in the form of a toad near Eve's ear;
Satan answers Gabriel scornfully but after a sign from Heaven, Satan
flies out of paradise.

11: 30 am-12:15 pm
Book V/Raphael and the Heavenly War/907 lines
Book Five opens with Eve describing her dream to Adam, who
comforts her. Then the archangel Raphael descends to warn
Adam and Eve of their danger from Satan and recounts the
War in Heaven that led to the Rebel Angels' expulsion to Hell.
We will read about the zealous argument between Abdiel and

12:15-1:00 pm
Book VI/Raphael and Heavenly War/912 lines
Raphael's continued account of the three-day War in Heaven
and how Michael and Gabriel were sent to battle Satan and his
army. This book includes the diabolic invention of the canon
and ends with God sending the Son to claim a glorious victory
against Satan.

1:00-1:40 pm
Book VII/The Story of Creation/640 lines
In Book Seven, Raphael relates to Adam how and why the
world was created: that after God had expelled Satan and his Crew
from Heaven, he declared that he would create another world and
other creatures. He sends his Son and the Angels to perform the
work of Creation in six days.
1:40-2:20 pm
Book VIII/Adam's Story of His Creation/653 lines
Adam asks Raphael to explain the motions of the Heavens to
him, but Raphael answers that Man cannot know everything;
instead Raphael suggests that Adam recount his first day of
life. Adam retells what he remembers from the day of his
Creation, his naming of the animals, and the creation of Eve.

2:20-3:30 pm
Book IX/The Fall/1189 lines
In this tragic book, readers take on the sad task of
describing Eve's temptation by the serpent Satan and her
eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, followed by
Adam's fall and the first effects of their sin.

3:30-4:30 pm
Book X/The Fallen World/1104 lines
Book Ten contains Milton's account of the fallen world,
including the subordination of women to men. After thoughts
of suicide, recriminations, and reconciliation, the Edenic pair
end in prayer for deliverance from God.

4:30-5:15 pm
Book XI/Michael's History to Noah/901 lines
The penultimate book includes Milton's vision of the archangel
Michael's descent to expel Adam and Eve from Paradise, then
of Michael's moving summary of Biblical history.

5:15-6:00 pm
Book XII/The Conclusion of Michael's Account of History and
the Expulsion from Paradise/649 lines
In this final book, Milton tells of Michael's summary of human
history before they move on to the archangel's quick escort of
Adam and Eve to the outside gates of Paradise. The last lines
of this truly epic endeavor are to be read by J. Martin Evans.
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